• A Smart Camera
  • Micro 6000 series intelligent camera is mai hing electronic research and development production of a subminiature fission smart camera, with 130 and 2 million pixels high resolution image quality make the image more real, more clear, light small hard shell makes install more simple to use more durable, simple and flexible system integration for the camera is widely used in various fields.
    Micro 6000 series intelligent camera is a very high cost performance solution that can be used in strict in size and surface stereo vision applications. Micro 6000 series intelligent industrial camera with small strong industrial case, shock resistant, impact resistant capability is strong, and integrate the RS - 232, 100 mbit Ethernet, multi-channel digital I/O, VGA output display, USB peripheral hardware interface such as input, can meet various industrial field brand communication access equipment, integrated rich tool machine vision algorithm.

  • Mould Monitor
  • System function characteristic:
    1.near infrared (NIR) light and camera combined technology to solve the potential problems around the factory lighting produced.
    2.Can be any monitoring area set up with the need of production, monitoring can deal with multi cavity and special insert position;
    3.Each region independently adjust the sensitivity, suitable for deep cavity and adjustment of multi point, avoid false alarm;
    4.The power of image processing software (geometric feature algorithm, is not sensitive to light), greatly reduce the false alarm of the system.

  • Testing equipment show
  • The characteristics of the machine vision system is to improve the flexibility and automation of production. In some not suitable for manual operation of dangerous working environment or artificial vision is difficult to meet the requirements of occasions, commonly used machine vision to replace the artificial vision; At the same time in the process of mass industrial production, with artificial visual inspection product quality is not high, low efficiency and precision in machine vision detection method can greatly improve the production efficiency and automation of production.Machine vision image system functions: The quality of character, OCV, OCR test  Machine vision image system linear CCD system  MARK positioning visual system online read ID code  Surface flaw size measurement
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